Intentions are mainly good. Right? In my case, yes. My intention, amongst many others (and yes, it is amongst, I was born and raised in Great Britain) was to post a blog once a week. Enter in reality with a swift slap to the face. Work. School. Home. Mom. Wife. ETC. This is not a complaint, this is just a statement of truth. To maintain a steady lifestyle “flow …” or semi-flow … one simply does not get to make time for blogging. CUT TO: CLUELESS 1995 CHER SHOUTING “AS IF!”

Where it would be amazing, it just is not how my life goes. Intentions and realities are fluctuating. I’m sure if we all took a moment to consider ours, it would be similar. My intention was to post once a week. My reality is less than once a month. That stings. On one level because 15 minutes ago was actually 3.5 hours ago and a year ago was actually three years ago … and because life truly does fly by, but the other level of pure disbelief that life is happening before our eyes.

I am not a religious chica, nor am I a politician – but as a 1-year-old Naturalized Citizen of this country, I am excited to exercise my right to vote for President Of The United States of America. Since when am I excited about shopping for vacuums that work well on tile AND carpet, and am excited about contributing my vote towards the leader of my country? Oh my god. I am officially an adult. I knew this fifteen years ago, actually, but for the entertainment value here, I’ll go with, wtf man, why is this all happening so quickly? It’s 2020! What is that?! Whoa boy. It is an interesting thought to quickly compare 1920 to 2020. A hundred years on a planet with development that WE think is supreme, but what do we really know? Not a damn thing.

My intentions as a blogger are one thing, but my intentions as a human are another. I am living my life as a happy, kind, forgiving, strong, solid and confident woman in her thirties. Some of my experiences have contributed to who I am, but so has my mind. My own free will and desire. My muses. My hope to be fully self-sufficient in my own entity in some way is an intention. Today is January 4, 2020 and I have no idea who I might be in January of 2030, but my intentions are to be as happy then now as I am now. My intentions are to be kind, forgiving, strong, solid and confident. With me on that journey, a tremendous partner and husband, Samuel. The beautiful Benjamin and Emma, who have recently had a combined 1M views for their reveal of Kona on Youtube between other social media outlets, and Kona Kiwi, my spirit animal. My intention is to focus on myself as a whole human being in #2020. You should too.