The Beginning and The Purpose:

Here we begin with the current day: life with Chiari Malformation, Hydrocephalus, Intracranial Hypertension and a VP Shunt. This website will include recipes of my own and those of professional Chef Samuel Calabro (boy, am I a lucky wife or what?), medicines, our journey through entrepreneurship, weight loss & weight management (which are two very different bananas), parenting, photography, wellness and infertility. The whole she-bang of Alexandra Calabro wrapped up in a little website.

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As a freelance writer, I am fortunate to have the flexibility to write anywhere in the world about anything that you’d like. Writing samples are available upon request.

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We are all busy; life is over in the blink of an eye. Working with me and hiring me are two different apples … I like to think of this as Calabro-rating.

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I have been writing scripts for eighteen years. As the world of film is progressing, so am I.

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This blog has been a decade in the making. As a working mom and wife, (student too, why?) the truth is, spreading myself thin became the norm. I am learning how to adjust to living with a VP shunt with acquired hydrocephalus.

I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. This is my story … this is my journey and my ability to reach others who may need to find a similar human on this planet.

Of course, someday, I would love to have one of my scripts on the big screen.


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